September 2009

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If you’ve just adopted a Boston Terrier, Congratulations! I wish you all the best. Now here’s a list of 10 things you should do to make your Boston Terrier feel at home. 1. Get to know your dog. Gather as much information you can about your dog. Ask the shelter personnel about the dog’s behavior […]


bugsy the boston terrier

Suspect your Boston Terrier has skin allergies? If he’s itchy, smelly, flaky, or constantly trying to scratch or bite at his fur, you have a problem. These symptoms are signs that something in your dog’s system is out of balance. When your dog’s immune system is under a lot of stress, your Boston may develop […]


Obese Boston Terrier

Twenty-five to forty percent of dogs have been diagnosed with obesity, or will become obese in their lifetime. Obesity is the most common health problem for dogs in our society. The primary causes of obesity are overeating and lack of exercise. Most dog owners don’t acknowledge that their pet is overweight, until their veterinarian points […]

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boston terrier with harness

The CDC declared in 2007 that rabies has been totally eliminated in the US. In order to keep this status, we have to continue to vaccinate our dogs. There are several strains of rabies that can affect your dog. Your dog may contract rabies if it’s bitten by a wild animal such as a fox, […]


When I brought Lucy home from the Humane Society in Fort Lauderdale, the workers warned me that she might have/develop kennel cough. Kennel Cough is caused when dogs and cats are exposed to poorly ventilated areas or over overcrowding. It leads to a severe, dry hack which is similar to a chest cold in humans. […]



A new study on the safety of secondhand smoke shows that nearly 30% of pet owners live with at least one smoker—which is really high considering how dangerous exposure to secondhand smoke is. Many studies show that animals face health risks when exposed to the toxins in secondhand smoke. Dogs can develop respiratory problems, allergies, […]



Dogs have a different metabolism than we do. And some foods that are perfectly safe for us, can cause death, severe illness, or mild digestive upset in our pets. Items to avoid Reasons to avoid Alcoholic beverages Can cause intoxication, coma, and death. Baby food Can contain onion powder, which can be toxic to dogs. […]



There are numerous ‘positive reinforcement’ training methods you can teach your Boston Terrier to develop better communication with him/her. Most behavioral problems are a result of a lack of communication between you and your pet. So you should work at developing a trusting, life-long relationship with your pet. First and foremost you must be patient […]



My Boston Terrier’s nails grow really fast … and they can really hurt when she gets excited and jumps all over me! So I wanted to learn how to trim her nails myself since I don’t have time to run to the groomer every time they need to be trimmed. Trimming your dog’s nails is […]



Attention Boston Terrier owners− I know you love your Boston baby! We’d all like to increase our pet’s life span and overall happiness if we could. So that’s why I started looking at supplements for dogs. Here’s what I found … Dog’s can benefit from taking supplements at all ages! There are so many supplements […]


Boston Terrier In Towel

On average, female dogs take about 62 days to gestate after being bred. Any time frame between 54-72 days is normal though. You have a long road ahead of you, so make sure you’re ready for this exciting journey. The First Month During the beginning stages of pregnancy there is not much for you to […]


Bostons on the bed

It’s been confirmed by the vet; your Boston Terrier is pregnant! Now what? What should you expect? Most dogs do fine without human intervention, however, some breeds are a little trickier. Boston Terriers often need to have Cesarean sections. You should consult with your vet on what is best for your Boston. Guidelines For Natural […]

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Boston Terrier Hearing

by Colleen Fernandez

in Health Problems

daisy the boston terrier

Boston Terriers have the cutest little ears ever. However, they can be prone to sensorineural deafness- which is a type of hearing loss that starts in the vestibulocochlear nerve, the inner ear, or central processing centers of the brain. If you’re planning on adopting a Boston Terrier puppy, you should make sure your puppy has […]

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Jumping Boston Terrier Dog

If you’re planning on traveling with your Boston Terrier ─ here are some quick tips to make sure the trip goes smoothly. First of all, you should not go on a long car trip with your dog if you haven’t already taken her on short, local trips. Take your Boston for short, fun car rides […]


Boston terrier intense

Many puppies go through a phase of eating their own poop. So here are some tips on how you can break your puppy of this disturbing habit while you are housetraining your Boston terrier. It’s actually very common for dogs − mostly puppies, to develop a liking to the taste of their own poop … gross […]

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Top 10 Boston Terrier Names

by Colleen Fernandez

in Boston News

Brindle Headshot

Some things to take into consideration when choosing a name for your Boston Terrier: One or two syllable names are best. Dogs find it easier to learn short names. You’ll most likely be calling your dog’s name a lot, so make sure it’s something easy for you to pronounce. Don’t pick a name you’d be […]


Blue Boston Terrier

Many people are strongly opposed to breeding colored Boston Terriers. The AKC doesn’t recognize colored Boston Terriers − such as red/liver, chocolate, or blue. The Blue Boston Terrier is increasing in popularity. It is a dilution of the traditional black color and is a result of poor breeding practices. Many Blue Boston’s have been reported […]


french bull dog

Many people think my Boston Terrier is a French bull dog. Personally, I can see a big difference between the two breeds − but here are the differences in greater detail. Coloring Boston Terriers are typically black or seal with white markings across the muzzle, between the eyes, and across the forechest. French bull dogs […]


george the boston terrier

Boston Terriers can be greedy little things! There food portions should be monitored carefully, otherwise they may have weight issues or develop health problems. Puppies Puppies should not be separated from their mothers before 8 weeks of age. Their mother’s milk provides the necessary nutrition to become strong and healthy. 3-4 Weeks Your puppy should […]


boston terrier exercise

“A good dog is a tired dog.” This saying is known to be true by dog-owners all over the world. You see, lack of exercise is the source of many problems for dogs. So make sure your dog gets plenty of exercise each day. Your dog may develop poor muscle tone, heart ailments, bone disorders, […]


Boston Terrier digging

Teaching your Boston Terrier to “find the treasure” means that your will be teaching your dog to use one or two of her front paws to dig at the floor. It’s one of many hilarious tricks that will impress your friends! Just follow the steps mentioned in this tutorial and you’ll have your Boston terrier […]


homemade dog bed

If you want to train your Boston Terrier to go to bed and lay down when you tell her to just follow these simple steps: 1. Put a bed, blanket, or towel down about 6-10 feet away from you. 2. Have your dog stand beside you and say “Go to bed!” Then walk over to […]


Collar vs. Harness

by Colleen Fernandez

in Basic Training

collar for dog

If you’re trying to decide between a collar or a harness for your Boston Terrier, you should definitely chose the harness. I started out using a collar on my puppy, and that was a huge mistake. After about a year of using a collar, I switched over to a harness. The harness works much better, […]


boston terrier with reading glasses

Boston Terriers are not delicate little lap dogs by any means. They are small, sturdy, and are generally good-natured with other people and animals. Boston’s are energetic dogs that love to play and chase things! Here are some things that you will have to learn to love if you have a Boston Terrier: • Snoring, […]


boston terrier kiss

If you own a Boston Terrier I’m sure you already know that Boston Terrier’s are the world’s best kissers! I know my Lucy is. Lucy doesn’t need to be prompted; it’s instinctual to her, as I’m sure it is with most Bostons. If you happen to have a Boston that doesn’t naturally kiss … you […]


boston terrier take a bow

If you’re trying to teach your Boston Terrier a few new tricks, you should definitely try this one with your pup! It’s a big crowd pleaser. Of course- it gets more of a reaction from your audience if your pup has done several other impressive tricks first. After your Boston does a series of tricks, […]