January 2010

Boston Terrier Fun Links!

by Colleen Fernandez

in Links/Resources

luna the boston terrier

Here’s a list of my favorite Boston terrier links and web-sites! Make sure to check back frequently. I’ll be updating this page, everytime I come across a web-site I love! Hope you enjoy. Dogs rule at I-Love-Dogs.com. Get tons of free canine stuff – dog breed information, dogs names, dog videos, dog supplies and so […]

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Pepper In Her Winter Coat

With flu season in full swing, you may be wondering if it’s possible for your Boston terrier to contract the flu. And the answer is … YES! Canine flu is similar to the human flu. It’s a highly infectious virus that can be very harmful to your dog. It’s main line of attack is to […]


boston bulldog

When I’m out with my Boston terrier a lot of people ask me if she’s a Boston Bull. I wasn’t familiar with Boston bull’s, so I decided to do a little research … Turns out, Boston Terriers were originally bred from the Boston Bull breed. They are generally bigger than today’s Boston terrier. They weigh […]