May 2010

rawhide bone picture

Rawhide bones are made up of the inner lining of the hide on a cow. And some people believe that dogs like them so much because it’s in their natural instincts to chew. When dogs were “wild creatures” they attacked their prey and pulled away the hide of animals to get to the flesh.


Of course doggie ice cream is available in the freezer section at grocery stores now a days, but that’s just not as much fun. Doggie ice cream is super easy and inexpensive to make at home!


Just wanted to share this amazing story of a dog in Chile that risked his life for another dog that was run over by a car on a highway in Chile. This story gave me goosebumps and I know it will give you them also. Enjoy!


boston terriers on the beach

Do you love it when people comment on your dog’s good looks? Do you spend a lot of time grooming and bathing your dog so she’ll get compliments when you take her out in public? If you want to ensure that your Boston Terrier’s coat will always look top of the line, just follow these five simple steps.


water bowl

Water is extremely important to the health of your dog. Sixty percent of your adult dog’s body weight is accounted for by good old H2O, and 84% for puppies. Dogs get fluids from eating and drinking and they also get what you call metabolic water, which is produced by the oxidation of protein, fat, and […]