Teach Your Boston Terrier to Play Dead

by Colleen Fernandez

in Advanced Training

boston terrier playing deadTeach your Boston Terrier to “play dead.”

This trick is fun to have your dog perform when you have guests over. It always gets a laugh!

5 Steps to Teach “Play Dead”

1. Tell your dog to lay down.

2. As you roll her over to her side say “play dead” or “take a nap.”

3. Don’t give her a treat right away. Encourage her to stay on her side or back for a couple seconds.

4. Then say something like “Ok!” or “Wake Up!”

5. When your dog stands up, give her the reward.

Very Important: Do not give your dog the treat while she is laying down. Give her the treat once she has completed the trick!

Also note, your dog isn’t going to be a genius at this right away. It will take a few days or maybe even weeks of practice. Also remember, do not train in long sessions. Your pup will lose her focus after about 5-10 minutes.

A little each day goes a long, long way!

Boston Terrier Learning Play Dead!

Any tips of your own for teaching a Boston Terrier to play dead? I’d love to hear them!

Questions? Go ahead, leave a comment below.



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