Teach Your Boston Terrier to Kiss

by Colleen Fernandez

in Advanced Training

boston terrier kissIf you own a Boston Terrier I’m sure you already know that Boston Terrier’s are the world’s best kissers! I know my Lucy is.

Lucy doesn’t need to be prompted; it’s instinctual to her, as I’m sure it is with most Bostons. If you happen to have a Boston that doesn’t naturally kiss … you can teach her this trick by doing the following.

1. When your dog licks your face, say “Give me a kiss. Good Girl! Give me a kiss.”

2. If she’s not a licker, put some peanut butter on your cheek and say, “Give me a kiss.”

3. When she licks it off repeat, “Give me a kiss,” again.
Your pup will begin to associate the words “Give me a kiss” with licking your face. Make sure to give her plenty of praise every time she performs.

If you plan on teaching your Boston Terrier to kiss, watch this first!



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