Teach Your Boston Terrier to Take a Bow

by Colleen Fernandez

in Advanced Training

boston terrier take a bowIf you’re trying to teach your Boston Terrier a few new tricks, you should definitely try this one with your pup!

It’s a big crowd pleaser. Of course- it gets more of a reaction from your audience if your pup has done several other impressive tricks first.

After your Boston does a series of tricks, tell her to “take a bow.”

Option 1

1. When you see your dog stretching and she has her head down low, say “Take a bow.”

2. Repeat this every time she wakes up and stretches.

3. This works because you are associating words with something your dog already naturally does. She’ll associate the two eventually.
The length of learning this trick varies from dog to dog. Some dogs will learn this trick in a week, while it may take others several years to learn.

Option 2

1. Have your dog stand up.

2. Take a treat and hold it near the floor, under her nose.

3. As your dog tries to get the treat she will probably try to lay down to get it. If she tries to do this, just take your hand and push her belly up.

4. Hold her in this position and say “take a bow.”

5. Keep the treat right next to her nose, but don’t give her the treat immediately. Have her hold the position for a few seconds and then release her and give her the treat.

Please leave a comment below if you have any other useful tip or techniques. Also, let me know if you have any questions! Happy training 🙂



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