Teach Your Boston Terrier to Turn Around

by Colleen Fernandez

in Advanced Training

turn around trickWant your dog turning in circles for you?

Training your Boston Terrier is great for her. Learning new tricks will enforce obedience and make your pet happy. Boston’s like to please their master’s and learning new tricks gives them this sense of accomplishment.

Steps to Turn Around

1. Have your dog stand, facing you.

2. Show your dog a treat.

3. Say “Turn Around.”

4. Lead the dog’s nose to the left, or clockwise, with the treat so she walks in a circle.

5. Once, your Boston has done a complete circle, and she’s facing you again, say “good dog!” and give her the treat.

After a few weeks of practice, start showing your dog the treat and say “turn around.” This time don’t lead her nose.

If she turns around by herself, give her the treat. If she’s not ready yet, repeat the steps above until she gets the hang of things.

Remember to be consistent with the words you say. For example, don’t say “turn around” sometimes and “turn left” other times. Always be consistent!

Here’s a Video of a Boston Terrier Doing Amazing Tricks!



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