Train Your Boston Terrier To Ring A Bell

by Colleen Fernandez

in Advanced Training

boston terrier ringing bellTraining your Boston Terrier to ring a bell is a very handy trick for you and your dog to learn … and it’s very useful for potty training too!

If your dog learns to associate ringing a bell with going outside to go to the bathroom, this is a huge help! No more trying to be a doggy mind reader!

Just follow these simple steps and you’ll be on your way to bell ringing in no-time!

Step 1

Hang a bell near the door that you use most frequently when taking your dog outside (make sure your Boston can reach it comfortably).

Step 2

Figure out what command you’re going to use with your dog, which will mean “go outside.” A nice simple command is “outside.”

Step 3

Hold a treat in your right hand and place your left hand in front of your treat hand, touching the bells. When your dog’s nose touches your left hand (the one that’s covering the treat and ringing the bells), give your dog the treat.

Repeat this step a few times. Your Boston terrier will get used to hearing and touching the bells. Soon enough your dog will begin to associate treats and positivity with the sound of the bells. And once your dog is ringing the bells on his own, you can move on to the next step.

Step 4

Keep repeating the above steps with your dog, but now start adding the verbal command. When your dog completes the trick, take him outside, and give him his treat. The best time to practice this trick is when your dog needs to potty.

After several training sessions, your dog will begin to start ringing the bell on his own when he wants to go outside. Make sure he’s not taking advantage of you though! Good luck.

Video of a Boston Terrier Ringing A Bell



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