Difference Between Boston Terriers and French Bull Dogs

by Colleen Fernandez

in Boston Terrier Breeding

french bull dogMany people think my Boston Terrier is a French bull dog. Personally, I can see a big difference between the two breeds − but here are the differences in greater detail.

Boston Terriers are typically black or seal with white markings across the muzzle, between the eyes, and across the forechest. French bull dogs don’t have these white markings.

Boston’s are slimmer than French bull dogs and have longer legs. Frenchies are typically shorter and stockier than Bostons. French bull dogs also typically have larger ears than Boston Terriers, they are said to have “bat ears.”

Bostons are very agile and love to run, jump, swim, and play; Frenchies aren’t so “athletic.” Frenchies are typically more “laid back” than Bostons and can’t swim due to their build.

Health Issues
Unfortunately, both breeds suffer the same breathing problems and cannot tolerate intense heat.

Here are some pictures of French Bull Dogs. For pictures of Boston Terriers, Click Here.

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