5 Tips To Ensure Your Dog’s Coat Is Healthy

by Colleen Fernandez

in Featured, Health Problems

boston terriers on the beachDo you love it when people comment on your dog’s good looks? Do you spend a lot of time grooming and bathing your dog so she’ll get compliments when you take her out in public?

If you want to ensure that your Boston Terrier’s coat will always look top of the line, just follow these five simple steps.

1. Keep your dog healthy!
Usually the first sign of poor health is a poor looking coat. Many times dogs experience thinning hair or dandruff when there’s something going on internally.

2.  Feed your dog high quality dog food.
Make sure you’re feeding your dog a high-quality dog food that has plenty of Omega 3 Fatty acids. Look for a food that contains a Omega 6:3 ratio. This is such a simple step that often goes overlooked.

3.  Perform regular health checks.
Make sure to check your dog for parasites on a regular basis. Worms, fleas, and ticks can cause your dog’s coat to lose its luster and quality. Your vet will most likely perform a fecal exam to check for parasites and you should have your dog on a flea prevention program as well. Have your vet check for allergies as well.

4. Regular Grooming
Always comb your dog before bathing him. Luckily, Boston Terrier’s don’t have long hair so brushing them is not that difficult. You may not think it’s necessary to comb your dog, but it’s good to do anyways as brushing/combing removes dead surface hair.

5. Regular Bathing
Use a shampoo that was designed for dogs. If you use people products on your dog, you may dry out your dogs’ coat. And make sure to rinse really well! Soap residue causes flaking and dullness.

Stick to these 5 simple steps and your Boston terrier will be looking and feeling good for a long time!



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