Do Boston Terriers Shed?

by Colleen Fernandez

in Health Problems

Boston Terrier’s have very minimal shedding and are often referred to as “hypoallergenic” dogs.

The most prominent time of year for a Boston to shed is around late fall or late spring. To minimize the little shedding that does take place in Bostons, go over your dog with a grooming glove or rubber brush every few days.

However, even when it’s “shedding season” for a Boston Terrier, it’s not nearly as bad as having a dog with a fluffy coat. Boston Terriers have short, coarse hair – so their hair is not flying all over the house landing in your food and drinks!

Why Does Shedding Occur?

Nearly all dogs shed! It’s a natural process for dogs. It eliminates dead hair to allow a new coat to come in for seasonal changes in temperature. You may think that your dog sheds all year long. And this is actually possible if your dog is an indoor dog.

Indoor dogs are shielded from the extreme temperatures, which causes their natural body regulation to get thrown off balance. Every time your pup goes outside- her body registers changes in the temperature and continues to shed.

Grooming Your Boston Terrier

Not only does brushing your dog help reduce the amount of hair you have to deal with in your home on a daily basis, but it also stimulates the blood supply to your dog’s skin. Brushing your dog can help prevent fleas, ticks, skin parasites, and mites from infecting your pet and your home! Once old hair is removed, new hair can start growing in!

There are 3 cycles to hair growth:

The initial hair-growing phase, the period of active production by the hair follicle.

After the hair has grown to a specific length, determined by genetics, the hair enters this temporary transitional state.

After a brief time, the hair then enters the final resting phase or non-growing state. At all times, about 90% of a dog’s hair is in the growth stage. The rest of the hair is in either the resting or transitional phase.

The growing phase occurs in patterns and is not synchronized all over the body. Shedding in dogs is influenced by the amount of time spent in the sunlight and by temperature fluctuations. Shedding cycles may change as the pet ages or becomes ill.

A combination of grooming, a good diet, and plenty of exercise all contribute to a shiny, healthy-looking coat and a happy pet. If your Boston Terrier appears to be losing a large amount of hair or if her coat looks dull or dry, see your veterinarian for a complete diagnosis right away.

Something else you may want to look into is Brewer’s Yeast.

Brewers Yeast is a daily natural supplement that provides a high source of protein, zinc, and biotin for healthy skin and coat. It helps control shedding and conditions skin, while also providing your pet with vital nutrition to be fit and active.



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