Get Rid of Your Boston Terrier’s Gas

by Colleen Fernandez

in Health Problems

If you have a Boston Terrier, you are well aware of their gas issues and flatulence!

Boston Terrier’s have delicate stomachs/intestinal tracks.

Here are some tips to keep their gas issues under control:

1. No table scraps!
I know your Boston Terrier is just so darn cute, but don’t do it … human food containing preservatives and yeast, will only intensify the problem.

2. High Quality Dog Food
Try to avoid dog food that has grain “fillers.” Some of the cheaper dog foods use fillers which are not good for your Boston Terrier.

3. Yogurt
If steps 1 and 2 just aren’t cutting it, try putting a tablespoon of low-fat, plain yogurt in their dish before meals.

4. Beano
When nothing else works, one Beano tab per day with their food (in the morning) has helped some Bostons. No one has studied the long term effects of daily use though so beware.



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