The Pros and Cons Of Neutering Your Boston Terrier

by Colleen Fernandez

in Boston Terrier Breeding, Health Problems

pros and consFirst off- what exactly does neutering entail? It’s simply the removal of testicles so that your dog can’t inadvertently make puppies!

If you’re wondering whether or not you should have your Boston terrier neutered, look no further – here are the pros and cons of the procedure:

The Pros of Neutering

1. Eliminates The Risk Of Pregnancy

The overpopulation of dogs in America is a severe issue. If you allow your dog to breed, I hate to say it — but you are part of the problem

2. Helps Prevent Behavior Problems

• Dominance
Boston terriers that haven’t been neutered are more stubborn. Their increased testosterone seems to cause them to resist authority.

• Marking (AKA peeing on everything!)
Unneutered Boston terriers often want to pee on everything, so that other male dogs will smell it. This is their way of marking their territory!

• Aggressive Behavior
Your Boston terrier is more likely to pick a fight with another unneutered male.

• Distress Around Females In Heat
Female dogs in heat give off chemical pheromones that can be detected from far away! Unneutered dogs often become extremely agitated and will try everything from whining, drooling, pacing, and sometimes escaping their house or yard.

• Sexual Arousal
We have all seen it—and it’s embarrassing! Dogs that aren’t neutered often lick their genitals and hump other dogs, pillows, stuffed animals, and sometimes even people!

3. Helps Prevent Health Problems

If you have your Boston terrier neutered, you can rule out the possibility of testicular tumors and reduce the risk that your Boston will develop prostate disease and perianal tumors (as these diseases are stimulated by testosterone.)

Note: If your Boston terrier has a retained testicle or testicles, neutering is essential. A dog with a retained testicle has an increased likelihood of developing a tumor, unless removed.

The Cons of Neutering

1. Neutered Dogs Can’t Participate In Some Dog Shows

The American Kennel Club allows spayed and neutered Boston terriers to participate in all phases of obedience, agility, and junior handling, but not in most conformation classes.

2. Neutering Costs Money

The surgery can cost two to three hundred dollars when the safest anesthetic is used and all possible safety precautions are taken. (Spending money is never a good thing, but sometimes it’s necessary!)

3. Requires General Anesthesia—Which Can Be Risky!

Just make sure you don’t cut corners if you’re having your Boston terrier neutered. Don’t take your dog to a shotty clinic, have it done safely at a veterinarian you can trust.

4. You Won’t Be Able To Breed Your Dog

If you decide later on that you would like to breed your dog, you won’t be able to. The procedure is not reversible!

Have you had your Boston terrier neutered? If you’ve experienced any of this first-hand, please leave a comment below — or head over to forum and start a discussion.



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