The Pros And Cons Of Spaying Your Boston Terrier

by Colleen Fernandez

in Boston Terrier Pregnancy, Health Problems

Boston terrier relaxing!
If you’re wondering whether or not you should have your Boston Terrier spayed, here are the pros and cons of the procedure:

The “Pros” Of Spaying Your Boston Terrier

No Pregnancy Scares!
Boston terriers often have a hard time giving birth naturally. You are putting their health in jeopardy, whenever they are bred. Breeding Boston terriers should be left to the pros.

Enjoy A Calmer and Cleaner Dog
The perks: your dog won’t attract male dogs anymore, you won’t have to deal with bloody discharge, and you will most like have a better relationship with your pup – since dogs that have been spayed are generally gentler and more affectionate.

Have a Healthier Boston Terrier
When your dog is spayed, her ovaries and uterus are removed which means you don’t have to worry about ovarian cysts, uterine infections, and cancer of the reproductive tract. Studies show that dogs that are spayed before puberty have a lower chance of developing breast cancer than unspayed dogs.

The “Cons” Of Spaying Your Boston Terrier

Your dog will no longer have the ability to become pregnant. If you wish to breed your dog, spaying should not be done.

May Cause Weight Gain
Unspayed dogs expend a lot of energy in search of a mate and reproducing. If this energy burden is taken away, your dog may eat the same amount but not burn off as many calories.

May Make Your Dog Less Active
Spayed dogs tend to be less active. If you don’t think you will do well with a sedentary dog, spaying may not be the best option.

Have you had your Boston terrier spayed? If you’ve experienced any of this first-hand, please leave a comment below — or head over to forum and start a discussion.



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