9 Beach Basics for Summer

by Colleen Fernandez

in Boston News

Summer is fast approaching – and today I’m writing to you from Florida – so it feels like summer is already here!

I’m really looking forward to spending some time in the sand with my Lucy girl this year so I thought I’d put together some beach tips for you and your Boston Terrier.

Beach Basics for Summer!

  1. Make Sure Dogs Are Welcome
    Here in Florida, there are rules about which areas of the beach allow dogs. Often times the dog beaches will have certain days of the week and times where people are allowed to bring their dogs! You’ll also want to make sure it’s an off-leash dog beach if you want to let your dog run around and play!
  2. Think Sun Protection
    A lot of people don’t know this, but dogs need protection from the sun, just like us humans! Bring some shade (think big beach umbrella) or scout out some good shade under a palm tree. You may also want to bring a big blanket for you and your dog, since the sun can get very hot!
  3. Doggie Goggles and Canine Sunscreen – Are You Serious?!
    Yes, they DO make doggie goggles and canine sunblock. It’s definitely worth considering if you think you’ll be outside for a few hours. Make sure to cover your dog’s ears, nose, and legs. You may also need to reapply sunscreen when your dog gets out of the water.
  4. Check Beach Conditions
    Sea lice, jellyfish, and riptides can be dangerous for dogs too! Look for warning flags or check-in with a lifeguard to see if there are any hazardous conditions.
  5. Stay Hydrated!
    Keep your Boston Terrier hydrated with fresh, clean water. Salt water isn’t safe for dogs and could end up making your dog sick! Make sure to bring a bowl and plenty of clean, fresh water.
  6. Know When Enough is Enough!
    Don’t let your dog over-do it. I know my dog gets caught up in the fun, and she doesn’t realize how exhausted she is. Make sure you have some breaks!
  7. Be Respectful of Other Beach-Goers
    Make sure your dog doesn’t become a nuisance to other humans and dogs.
  8. Don’t Forget the Poop Bags!
    Always pick up after your dog. The beach is a beautiful natural resource, so please do your best to keep it that way!
  9. Don’t Forget Bath Time
    You’ll want to rinse the salt water off your dog before heading home in addition to giving him/her a proper bath when you get home!

Boston terrier on a rocky beach

Fun Toys/Games To Play With Your Dog at the Beach!

  • Floatable toy to play swim fetch
  • Tennis ball
  • Frisbee
  • Let your dog dig! (this is the one place it’s okay!)
  • Rope toy (tug-o-war!)
  • Floatation jacket (in case your doggie can’t swim!)
  • A boogie board (if you have a dog that just wants to chill on the water)
  • Beach ball
  • Chuck it (ball launcher)

Hope you all have a fun and safe summer at the beach this year! Let me know what you and your dog are up to this summer, and if you do have a chance to make it to the beach this year, send me a photo or post it on the Boston Terrier Secrets facebook page!

Now go … beach it up with your Boston!



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