Boston Terrier News- Canada’s Naughtiest Dog

by Colleen Fernandez

in Boston News

canadian flagBark Busters, a dog training company in Canada, is on a mission to find Canada’s Naughtiest Dog.

They say that once they find that pup, they are going to cure him/her in just 3 hours!

My favorite contestant is Gizmo, the Boston Terrier from Ontario.

Gizmo will be competing against a Border Collie, American Eskimo, Dorchester, a Boxer, and many others for the crown.

The winner will be announced in October, and they will receive free in-home dog training, and a $250 donation made on their behalf to the animal shelter of their choice.

Gizmo’s owner, Ashley Madigan says she has tried taking Gizmo to obedience school but it didn’t go so well.

She said, “The first class was great … but after that, she couldn’t focus. She just wanted to play with the other dogs and if they had graded us, she would have failed.”

Gizmo has the following bad habits. She chews on folded laundry, walls, and she eats her owner’s food — but she’s still loved.

Ashley says that she has “learned” the following from her Boston Terrier:

  1. Clean laundry tastes better when it is neatly folded
  2. Walks are most enjoyable at 3am on weekdays
  3. Jump at every child you see and when they fall over proceed to lick their face
  4. People food tastes better stolen
  5. “NO!” really means “yes, please keep chewing on the wall”
  6. When you don’t feel like going for a walk, fall over and play dead
  7. Never listen to the humans, they just don’t understand
  8. Running around with cat poop in your mouth is the fastest way to incite a fun game of chase
  9. If it looks like a dirty sock and smells like a dirty sock it probably is a dirty sock, but eat it anyway
  10. Everything has a taste, so put every single thing you can in your mouth – especially laptops, furniture, thumbtacks, and the cat’s tail

Madigan loves her dog dearly and wouldn’t trade her for the world. She said that her Boston Gizmo “has a big heart and never runs out of love for anybody.”

I love Gizmo already! I’m rooting for her!



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