Does Your Boston Terrier Misbehave At The Dog Park? Mine Does.

by Colleen Fernandez

in Boston News

Lola the BostonLast weekend I took my Boston terrier, Lucy, to the dog park.

Fun? Yes. A lot of work? Definitely.

Lucy loves the dog park, and she always, always has a great time there. But she also always seems to get herself into trouble.

Lucy’s the dog that ignites all the other dogs at the dog park. When we first arrive, the other dogs are usually calmly playing with one another.

When Lucy’s unleashed, trouble is on the way. She immediately starts chasing and barking at the other dogs.

You can tell she’s just playing, but sometimes, it’s a little too much for the other dogs. And the other dogs and dog owners get a bit testy. Last weekend we actually saw one woman pick up her 50 pound dog to “protect him” from my little one.

Absurd? Yes. Lucy just wanted to play. And so did the other dog. When I put Lucy on her leash, the other dog came over and started to play with her.

Sometimes I think, it’s almost like Lucy can smell fear and insecurity. If another dog is at the park and seems timid or afraid, she seems to zone in on them. And she won’t leave them alone until they play with her damnit.

I’m not sure why this is… but I have noticed that if I keep her engaged the entire time we’re at the dog park, she can manage to stay outta trouble. So now when I go to the dog park, I bring several tennis balls and play fetch with her.

She doesn’t stray too much, and she’s occupied enough to stay out of trouble. :0) It’s a win, win!



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