Ever Wonder Why Your Dog Licks You?

by Colleen Fernandez

in Boston News

boston terrier lick

Dogs lick for a lot of different reasons! Dogs use licking to show emotion or communicate. It’s their way of showing respect, affection, and submission.

Dogs Lick Everything

Dogs aren’t afraid to lick anything. They lick other dogs, humans, toys, grass, walls, carpet, rocks, and even dirt! Some dog’s even lick their own poop (gross)!

As we all know, dogs can’t talk! 🙁 They use their licking as a way to communicate with other dogs and humans. Generally speaking if a dog licks you, it’s their way of “approving and accepting” you.

Face Licking

Dogs are thought to have acquired this behavior from wolves. When the mother wolf comes home after a long “hunt,” her cubs lick her face− letting her know they want some of the tasty food she brought home!

Possible Reasons Your Dog Is Licking You

1. Submission. Dog’s show respect and submission for the dominant “pack members” by licking.
2. Request Food. When puppies are being weaned, they lick their mama to ask for food!
3. Show Affection. Your dog may lick you to show affection and love.
4. You’re Tasty. Your dog may like the way your skin, lotion, or soap tastes.

I don’t think it’s possible to attribute a single factor to why your dog is licking you. Dog’s lick for a variety and combination of reasons, but don’t fret because usually, it’s a positive thing!

What To Do If You Can’t Stand This Habit!

First of all, if you don’t like your dog licking you, you need to train him/her that it’s not acceptable behavior.

If your dog licks you to get your attention, then teach him another way to get your attention. For example, you can teach your dog to bark, lay down, or do something that you will like better than the licking. Make sure you always give your dog the attention he is seeking when he performs the new trick.

You may also want to try putting lemon juice or hot sauce on your skin. When your dog licks your skin, he’ll taste something bad … and that will make him think that licking you is gross!

As I always say, be patient with your pup! Training your dog takes time and consistency, so stick it out and you’ll soon get the results you need!

Cute Video Of A Boston Terrier That Is Lick Crazy!



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