Homemade Dog Toy Tutorial: Make This Fun Toy For Your Dog In Just Under 20 Minutes!

by Colleen Fernandez

in Boston News, Tutorials

dog toyDog toys are getting pretty expensive these days … along with pretty much everything else!

So today I thought it’d be fun and helpful to write about something that will help you keep more money in your pocket, and keep your dog happy and entertained!

One of the great things about Boston Terriers is that they’ll pretty much play with anything.

So here are the instructions on how to create a simple, fun, homemade dog toy that will keep your dog entertained for hours!

All you’ll need is a pretty long piece of rope (about 10 feet), a tennis ball, and a drill.

Once you’ve gathered your materials, just follow these simple instructions below:

Homemade Dog Toy Instructions:

  1. Drill a hole straight through a tennis ball, so there’s a hole on each side.
  2. Thread your rope through the ball.
  3. Use a match or torch to burn the edges of the rope to prevent it from fraying.
  4. Tie a simple knot on top of the ball and tie another knot at the end of the rope.

Of course, this is an incredibly simple toy, but we all know that dogs tend to take pleasure in the small things in life.

This toy can provide hours of entertainment and plenty of exercise! It’s also a great dog toy to use indoors too, since you can hold on to the rope and throw it. You don’t have to be as concerned about breaking things!

So good luck! If you’ve ever made your own dog toy, post a comment below and tell me about it. I would love to feature the toy here on the site!

And don’t forget, if you really want to make your dog’s day, think about making him some homemade dog food, or homemade doggie ice cream.

Good luck making your homemade dog toy!



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