Looking Back On 2009

by Colleen Fernandez

in Boston News

2009First off, hope you all had a wonderful Hanukah/Christmas Holiday!

Today, I’m going to look back on 2009 at BostonTerrierSecrets.com.

Starting the website was definitely a huge accomplishment for me this year. It took a lot of time, research, and money to get the site up and running.

And while I’m happy with what I’ve accomplished at BostonTerrierSecrets.com, I’m a little disappointed too.

The website hasn’t created as much buzz as I had hoped …

I really want BostonTerrierSecrets.com to be a place for Boston terrier lovers to come together and discuss the joys and troubles of being a BT owner!

I check the site analytics quite regularly to determine the “health” of the web-site, and to see how it’s progressing. Today, I want to share some of that info with you.

Website Summary

Launch date: 10/11/09
Average visitors/day: 25
% New Visitors: 70%
% Returning Visitors: 30%
Average Time on site: 4.24
Average pages/visit: 3.93

Now some of you may think that my analytics aren’t so bad, and they’re not terrible. But here’s the thing, they could be better. And running a web-site is a lot of work. It takes time and money … and to be honest, so far the payoff hasn’t been worth it.

So, while I love Boston terriers and I love writing, we really need to step up our game.

I’m asking all my regular visitors to get involved! Start sharing your stories and commenting on articles. Your enthusiasm will encourage others to get involved as well.

Just have fun with it, will ya?!

I always ask for suggestions for articles and ideas for the web-site, so if you have some, please … let me know! I’m dying to hear them!

Here are the top 10 articles from 2009 in case you haven’t seen them yet. Enjoy- and remember- GET INVOLVED!

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3. 10 Things Boston Terriers Do Not Appreciate

4. Signs Your Boston Terrier Is Pregnant

5. Mini Boston Terrier

6. Is Your Puppy Eating Poop? Here’s Why …

7. Boston Terrier Whelping

8. How Much You Should Feed Your Boston Terrier

9. Blue Boston Terrier

10. 8 Rules For Boston Terriers At Christmas Time



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