What is Clicker Training?

by Colleen Fernandez

in Boston News

clicker-trainingClicker training is based off the idea of positive reinforcement.

It’s a method of learning that uses no physical correction whatsoever.

Some people reading this may think this method would never work—but on the contrary clicker training works incredibly well.

Does Clicker Training Work On All Dogs?

Clicker training works for all types of dogs – bold, timid, tiny, and large. Animals that are trained to be in movies and television are pretty much always trained with clicker training. The dolphins at Sea World are also trained with clicker training … which is hugely successful.

The clicker provides clear, defined communication between you and your dog and it allows you to concentrate on the task at hand, while having fun during training sessions!

How It Works

Use the clicker at the exact moment your Boston Terrier is performing the trick … when the dog is done with the trick, follow it up with a treat.

During training you should also use hand signals and verbal cues so that the dog associates these with a specific behavior. As your Boston Terrier begins to learn the tricks, you can begin to phase out the clicker.

The great thing about clicker training is that you are no longer forcing your Boston Terrier to learn … instead, your pup is eager to learn!

Clicker training can be used to teach your dog just about any behavior.

Do You Have To Use A Clicker?

No, but a lot of people agree that using a clicker helps speed up the training process.

When You Should Begin Training

You can start training your Boston Terrier using clicker training right away. Make sure you keep expectations low and play breaks high when working with a young puppy though.



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