Boston Terrier Puppy Whelping

by Colleen Fernandez

in Boston Terrier Pregnancy

Bostons on the bedIt’s been confirmed by the vet; your Boston Terrier is pregnant! Now what? What should you expect?

Most dogs do fine without human intervention, however, some breeds are a little trickier. Boston Terriers often need to have Cesarean sections. You should consult with your vet on what is best for your Boston.

Guidelines For Natural Boston Terrier Whelping:

1) The expecting female should have a quiet place to have her puppies. Many times, your dog will find a place of her own, during the later stage of pregnancy. Let her pick the place!

2) Once she’s chosen her spot, you should put a barrier around the area so that when she has the puppies, you can contain them in a small area. You don’t want them wandering off by accident. Make sure the mother is able to get in and out of this “whelping area.”

3) Between 60-64 days, you should start checking her temperature in the morning and at night. Most dogs deliver during this time frame. Once her rectal temperature has dropped below 100 degrees Fahrenheit, you can expect her to deliver within 24 hours.

4) When your dog is close to giving birth you should leave her alone, and watch from a distance. Let nature do the work. Dogs need a calm, peaceful environment to give birth.

Cesarean Section

The three main reasons that Boston Terriers have trouble whelping their puppies naturally are:

1) Boston Terrier’s heads are much larger than the pelvis of the mother.
2) Uterine Inertia –This is when contractions aren’t hard enough.
3) Puppies get stuck sideways which causes a “logjam.”

Timing is absolutely crucial to planning a C-section. If the puppies are taken too soon, the mother can bleed to death or the puppies may be underdeveloped.

If you wait too long, the puppies may be “overly” ripe and they will begin to eliminate their sacks- which may cause infection and death. The puppies may grow too large and get stuck in the birth canal, which also causes death.

If you are planning on having a C-section for your Boston Terrier you should look for a vet that is experienced at doing C-sections on Boston Terriers or Bulldogs.

Not all vets have the expertise or knowledge of administering anesthesia to short-nosed breeds.

To see more pictures of a Boston Terrier c-section, click here.

To make a long story short, you should not breed your Boston Terrier, unless you are an experienced breeder. It can very risky, and very costly.



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