Signs Your Boston Terrier Is Pregnant

by Colleen Fernandez

in Boston Terrier Pregnancy

Is your pup preggars? If you think your dog could be pregnant, a simple trip to the vet should be able to confirm this for you. Contact me if you have any additional questions after reading this article!

4 Ways to detect if your Boston Terrier could be pregnant:

1. Ultrasound
You can start to detect a heartbeat around the 25th day from being bred. This test is not reliable for testing how many babies are in your pup’s belly!

2. Blood Test
The blood test will detect relaxin, a hormone that is produced in pregnant dogs but is not found in non-pregnant dogs. This test may be performed mid gestation, which occurs at around the same time that your veterinarian can palpate the fetuses.

3. Feeling the Dog’s Abdomen
Experienced veterinarians can determine if your dog is pregnant by simply feeling your dog’s abdomen during a certain a window of time—about 20-30 days after conception.

During this time period, there is uterine swelling around the placental sites that feels like firm and discrete lumps. Dogs that are very large or obese may be difficult to examine, however.

4. Taking X-Rays
Fetal skeletons can be seen at about 45 days of pregnancy. This test can’t be done until late in gestation, but it is nice to know how many little one’s you can expect.

If your Boston terrier is pregnant you will need to get planning! There’s tons of useful information to be found on this site, that can assist with making it through this exciting stage in your dog’s life. Plan For Your Dog’s Pregnancy, will list all the things you can expect your dog to go through the next few weeks!

Good luck to you and your Boston Terrier, there’s nothing cuter than puppies! Send me pictures of your Boston if you have a chance. Just upload pictures to the Introductions tab, in the top navigation bar. 🙂



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