Communicating With Your Boston Terrier

by Colleen Fernandez

in Basic Training

communicatingThere are numerous ‘positive reinforcement’ training methods you can teach your Boston Terrier to develop better communication with him/her.

Most behavioral problems are a result of a lack of communication between you and your pet. So you should work at developing a trusting, life-long relationship with your pet.

First and foremost you must be patient with your pet. You should never yell, hit, use choke collars or electric shock collars on your dog. If you use any of these techniques, your dog will develop a fear of you, which may result in aggression and behavioral problems.

Training and Play

Boston Terriers love to play. Make sure that whenever you have a training session, its fun and playful. Reward your dog with treats and praise. Every time your dog exhibits the correct behavior, you should reward her. Also remember to be consistent. You don’t want to confuse your dog.

Association and Repetition

Dogs need lots of repetition when learning new things. When teaching your dog something new you should be consistent with the words you use and the actions you take. Eventually your dog will learn to associate the words with your actions. And always end a training session on a good note- when your dog has done something right!

Stay Positive

Some dogs learn quickly, and there are those that don’t. Never show anger or frustration … your dog will pick up on your negative energy, and in return will exhibit negative behavior.

Never Stop Training

Dogs will always need to be positively re-affirmed. If you don’t continue using positive reinforcement techniques, your dog may forget a ‘learned’ behavior. So have fun with it, and you’ll find you have yourself a loyal friend for life.



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