How You Walk Your Dog Matters

by Colleen Fernandez

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walk your boston terrierIf you have trouble walking your Boston terrier, welcome to the club.

Walks are one of my daily battles with Lucy. Every time she sees a cat, bird, or lizard she starts pulling! But everyday I work on it, and so should you!

You may want to address some basic training issues first, and then Cesar Milan says in order to prevent this behavior, we should establish ourselves as the pack leader. Here are a few of Cesar’s tips to ensure pack-leader status when you’re walking your dog:

Walk In Front

Make sure that you are leading your dog when you walk him. Your dog should not be walking in front of you. This goes for walking in and out of doors as well. You should always lead, and your dog should always follow.

Use A Short Leash

A shorter leash, offers more control and will allow you to correct your dog’s behavior more easily. Cesar recommends the illusion collar.

Consider The Length Of Your Walk

Dogs like to be walked in the morning. You should try and make morning walks anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour.

Set The Tone Of Your Walk

Make your dog walk properly for a few minutes before allowing him to sniff around and relieve himself. Once your dog has the right “mindset” for the walk, allow him to have his fun!

Maintain Your Leadership Status

When you get home, continue to be the pack leader. Your dog should wait for you to put away the leash, take off your shoes, etc.

Reward Your Dog For A Job Well Done

Reward your dog with food and water after a good walk. This will give him the idea that he must “work” for food.

If you have any dog walking tips, or other useful training tips, please feel free to share them by leaving a comment in the form below! Also, please take some time to introduce your Boston terrier, I would love to meet him/her!

Happy dog walking! 🙂



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