Teach Your Boston Terrier To Lay Down

by Colleen Fernandez

in Basic Training

boston terrier laying downTeaching your Boston Terrier to lay down is a fun experience!

Follow these 6 steps to make the training process go smoothly:

1. First have your dog sit down.

2. Dangle a treat in front of your pet

3. Lower the treat to the floor and say lay down as you are doing this. Your dog should follow the treat all the way down to the floor.

4. Only give her the treat once she’s on the floor. Repeat the words “lay down” several times for re-inforcement.

5. Say something like “Good girl, lay down you good girl.” You’re laying down!”

Practice the command “lay down” several times during the day, and over several days in 5 minute increments … any longer and your pet will lose focus!



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