Train Your Boston Terrier to Stay

by Colleen Fernandez

in Basic Training


Once, you have the “sit” command down. You can move on to bigger and better things … like “stay.”

Get your boston to exercise self-control and “stay.” when told with 9 Easy Steps.

Note: Be sure your dog understands a release command, such as “free” or “okay,” before teaching this command.

1. Have your dog sit or lie down in front of you.

2. Place your hand, palm open, in front of your dog and give the command “Stay.”

3. Say “Good” at the exact moment your dog exhibits the behavior you want.

4. Give the release command immediately after, followed by treats and praise.

5. Reward her even if she only “stayed” for 1 second; and always offer rewards for any indication of understanding.

6. Lengthen the amount of time your pet remains in the stay position gradually, and slowly move farther away.

7. Give the release command after every successful “stay” as you increase the length of time your dog must remain in the position.

8. Avoid going into another room until your dog fully understands this command.

9. Train in 5-minute sessions. Your pet will lose focus during longer training sessions!



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