Eukanuba Dog Food Challenge – Week 2

by Colleen Fernandez

in Canine Nutrition

Lucy is loving the Eukanuba Dog Food – she always eats her food right away now!

Before Lucy started the Eukanuba Challenge she was eating Blue Buffalo. She would sometimes just take a couple bites of food and walk away. She’d usually come back and finish it a few hours later, but she didn’t seem excited about eating it.

eukanuba logo

The main change that I’ve noticed since being on the new food, is that she’s less gassy.

In the past, Lucy has always had the worst gas. Since switching her food, I’ve noticed that her gas isn’t as smelly or as frequent, so that’s a definite plus 😉

Lucy’s temperament and energy levels haven’t changed too much. She is still the same sleepy and playful Boston terrier she’s always been.

Her poops look good– they’re firm, moist, and consistent from day to day.

I believe Lucy is enjoying the Eukanuba and is feeling healthy and happy! Stay tuned for more updates!




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