Boston Terrier Breeding

pros and cons

First off- what exactly does neutering entail? It’s simply the removal of testicles so that your dog can’t inadvertently make puppies! If you’re wondering whether or not you should have your Boston terrier neutered, look no further – here are the pros and cons of the procedure: The Pros of Neutering 1. Eliminates The Risk […]

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Blue Boston Terrier

Many people are strongly opposed to breeding colored Boston Terriers. The AKC doesn’t recognize colored Boston Terriers − such as red/liver, chocolate, or blue. The Blue Boston Terrier is increasing in popularity. It is a dilution of the traditional black color and is a result of poor breeding practices. Many Blue Boston’s have been reported […]


french bull dog

Many people think my Boston Terrier is a French bull dog. Personally, I can see a big difference between the two breeds − but here are the differences in greater detail. Coloring Boston Terriers are typically black or seal with white markings across the muzzle, between the eyes, and across the forechest. French bull dogs […]


boston terrier

You may have heard certain breeders talk about “mini” Boston Terriers. Let me set the record straight … “mini” Boston Terriers do not exist. If you happen to come across a breeder who says they sell “mini” or “teacup” Boston Terriers, BEWARE. The breeder is most likely a dishonest, backyard breeder who is trying to […]



If you are interested in adopting a red Boston Terrier, here is some more information and pictures about them. Out of all the non-traditional colors of Boston Terriers, the red boston one of the most recognized. There are a lot of variations in red bostons. Some are very light and some are dark orange-red. Red […]


Boston Terrier Kisses

Are you thinking about breeding your Boston Terrier? This is a huge responsibility and you need to make sure you do a lot of research before rushing into anything. It could end up being disastrous if you’re not careful so make sure you consider every detail. Some important things to consider when choosing a mate […]