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Have you heard what people are saying about the new Pedigree formula? I haven’t personally tried it or bought it for my dog yet, but so far I’ve heard nothing but great things about it! The new dry formula was created around the 4 Universal Needs of dogs: healthy skin and coat, great oral care, […]


boston terrier

As a loving dog owner, it’s hard not to spoil that sweet Boston of yours. However, it’s important to not let those extra treats lead to too many extra pounds for your pup. Unfortunately, canine obesity is all too common and contributes to numerous health risks for all breeds including heart disease, diabetes and arthritis. […]

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Lucy has completed the Eukanuba 28 Day Challenge, and it has been a great experience all around! Lucy loves the taste of the food, and throughout the challenge I noticed significant improvements in her energy levels, mood, gassiness, and breath. I plan on keeping Lucy on Eukanuba moving forward; however, I love researching new dog foods […]


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Lucy is loving the Eukanuba Dog Food – she always eats her food right away now! Before Lucy started the Eukanuba Challenge she was eating Blue Buffalo. She would sometimes just take a couple bites of food and walk away. She’d usually come back and finish it a few hours later, but she didn’t seem […]


eukanuba dog food

So the much anticipated Eukanuba challenge has begun! Last Friday afternoon I came home from work to find 2 big bags of Eukanuba Small Breed Adult formula at the front door. Lucy was certainly excited about it … she sniffed out the box before I even got it open! Here are some pictures of her […]


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Rawhide bones are made up of the inner lining of the hide on a cow. And some people believe that dogs like them so much because it’s in their natural instincts to chew. When dogs were “wild creatures” they attacked their prey and pulled away the hide of animals to get to the flesh.


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Water is extremely important to the health of your dog. Sixty percent of your adult dog’s body weight is accounted for by good old H2O, and 84% for puppies. Dogs get fluids from eating and drinking and they also get what you call metabolic water, which is produced by the oxidation of protein, fat, and […]


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I’ve always said that it’s worth spending a little extra money on your dog’s food. Because keeping your dog healthy with proper nutrition beats spending thousands of dollars on vet visits that could have been avoided with a healthy diet. Boston Terriers are omnivorous, just like we are. That means they need a good balance […]


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It’s extremely important for you to check the label of your dog’s food … it will help separate the good from the bad. Check the guaranteed analysis of your dog’s food … this includes the amounts of protein, fat, carbs, fiber, and other nutrients. If your dog’s food contains preservatives, the manufacturer will have to […]

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Boston terrier intense

Many puppies go through a phase of eating their own poop. So here are some tips on how you can break your puppy of this disturbing habit while you are housetraining your Boston terrier. It’s actually very common for dogs − mostly puppies, to develop a liking to the taste of their own poop … gross […]

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george the boston terrier

Boston Terriers can be greedy little things! There food portions should be monitored carefully, otherwise they may have weight issues or develop health problems. Puppies Puppies should not be separated from their mothers before 8 weeks of age. Their mother’s milk provides the necessary nutrition to become strong and healthy. 3-4 Weeks Your puppy should […]


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Boston Terrier’s love – love- love to eat. My boston is constantly giving me those pathetic looks every time I take a bite out of food. And if she hears a bag crinkling she runs across the house within seconds! Boston’s could care less about nutrition or eating what’s “good” for them. We as responsible […]