Boston Terrier/Boston Owner Relationships

by Colleen Fernandez

in Dog Socialization

Business Woman with DogHave you ever wondered what kind of relationship you have with your dog?

After 28 in-depth interviews with dog owners David Blouin, a cultural sociologist at Indiana University South Bend, said that most dog/owner relationships fall into these 3 categories.

Dogs are highly valued and they are considered a close companion.

Might be vegetarians, these people value animals in general, not just as pets.

See animals as separate and less important than people. They might use their dog for hunting and pest control. The dog most likely lives outside.

People develop these relationships as a result of personal experiences, demographic characteristics, and family structure.

People that live in rural areas were more likely to leave their dog outside while “empty-nesters” were more likely to become attached to their pet.

If you have a Boston Terrier, it’s best to develop a humanist relationship with her. Boston’s require a lot of love and attention and would not do well being if lumped in either of the other 2 categories.


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