Missing Boston Terrier

by Colleen Fernandez

in Dog Socialization

Sad Boston TerrierYour Boston Terrier has gone missing! What next? Don’t panic.

Start searching immediately. Start searching inside your house first, Boston’s are small and they can get themselves stuck in some strange places! If your Boston can’t be found inside move to the outside of your house.

Check underneath vehicles, in drains, sewers, etc. Boston Terriers like to explore and they may have ended up in the wrong place!

You may want to recruit help from your friends and family. They can assist you in your search.

You may want to create an ad or announcement and leave it in high visibility areas such as parks, gas stations, or grocery stores in your neighborhood.

You should provide your search team with a written description of your pet as well as your pet’s latest photo.

Don’t lose hope without giving a fight. The possibility of finding your Boston Terrier can be strong only if you are determined enough to do so.

Also, many pets are registered with micro-chips these days. If your pet has one of these, any animal control or humane society that happens to pick up your pet will be able to trace your pet back to you.
You should also call local animal shelters, rescues, pounds, and humane societies.

Good luck! Hope you find your friend soon.



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