Separation Anxiety

by Colleen Fernandez

in Dog Socialization

Sleepy Boston Terrier DogBoston Terriers often develop separation anxiety.

Separation anxiety is a disorder that is characterized by a state of extreme panic due to the dog being separated from her owner.

Boston Terrier’s are very social animals and needs lots of social interaction and companionship. Of course no dog wants to be left alone for long periods of time; however, some Bostons take it especially bad.

Symptoms of Separation Anxiety:

•Your Boston will get very anxious when you are about to leave. (she’ll know when she hears your keys jingling, or see you put on your shoes, etc.)
•She might follow you around the house and whine and shake.
•Some Boston’s can even become aggressive when trying to stop their owners from leaving.

Once You’ve Left

Your Boston Terrier’s anxious behavior will only worsen once you are gone. It usually peaks within about 30 minutes of your departure.

Your Boston might do any of the following in her anxious state:

• Bark endlessly
• Scratch and dig at the windows and doors
• Chew inappropriate objects
• Urinate or defecate inside the house
• Self-mutilate by licking or chewing her skin (extreme cases)

When you come home, she’ll most likely be overly excited. Your Boston will bounce around you in a frenzy of delight for a drawn-out period of time. (More than the usual 30 seconds)

A lot of owners misunderstand this “welcome home greeting” and encourage their Boston to get worked up upon their return. This can have some serious repercussions though. If you find yourself doing this, you should think twice the next time you’re tempted to encourage this behavior. You’re actually supporting your Boston’s belief that your return is the greatest moment of the day.

When it’s time for you to leave again, her happiness is under threat once again, and she’ll get even more distressed when you have to leave.

Remember, if at all possible, try not to leave your Boston by herself for long periods of time. She needs lots of attention and love. If you can’t be home to care for her, make sure someone else is!



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