Traveling with Your Boston Terrier

by Colleen Fernandez

in Dog Socialization

Jumping Boston Terrier DogIf you’re planning on traveling with your Boston Terrier ─ here are some quick tips to make sure the trip goes smoothly.

First of all, you should not go on a long car trip with your dog if you haven’t already taken her on short, local trips. Take your Boston for short, fun car rides several times to get her used to the idea.

Boston Terriers can get carsick. So, if you’re planning a long car trip, you should plan on traveling with your pet when he/she has an empty stomach. If your pup does get car sick, there are also medications available through the vet that help.

Make sure you’ve given your Boston Terrier the opportunity to “go potty” before you depart.

Things to Pack:
Waste Bags
Paper Towels
Bath Towel
Flea Spray
Health Certificate
Medical and vet information

What Not To Do:
Leave your dog in the car unattended with the leash on (she could hang herself).
Let your Boston stick her head out the window (debris can get in her eyes).
Leave your dog in the car in extreme temperatures (cars heat up very quickly).

Share your Boston Terrier vacation story with me, leave a comment below.



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