Dog Exercises – Is Your Dog Getting Enough?

by Colleen Fernandez

in Exercise

boston terrier running

Dogs need about 30 minutes of exercise every day. And taking your Boston Terrier for a walk doesn’t always cut it.

Bostons are very high energy dogs and need lots of “play time.” You’ll notice a real improvement in your dog’s behavior and attitude when he/she is properly exercised.

If you need ideas on things you can do with your Boston here are some of my favorites.


Hiking is great for dogs. It usually involves lots of hills and obstacles which is great since it will challenge your dog in unique ways. If you do decide to go on a hike with your Boston terrier, make sure you’re prepared. Bring food, water, and safety kits. Also, make sure to go hiking in cool weather, as Boston aren’t tolerant of the heat.


If you’re going to run with your dog, make sure to go at your pets pace. Start out slow with about 5 minutes of running/day. You can slowly work your way up to 30 minutes or more. Just keep an eye on your dog for signs of heat exhaustion.


This is good for dogs with excellent leash manners. If your dog is a puller, this may not be the best idea though. Start out with a slow bike ride, so that your dog stays at a nice trot.


Retrieving is great exercise and Boston Terriers seem to love it. Lucy is ball crazy and will play for hours … especially if she’s retrieving from the water. Don’t let your dog jump for the item they’re retrieving though, not only does this encourage bad manners, but it’s also bad on their joints!

Dog Walking Service

If you really don’t have the time to exercise your dog, you should consider using a dog walking service. If you can’t find a dog walking service that you trust, pay a friend or teenager to take your dog for walks.

Doggy Day Care

Doggy Day Care’s are growing in popularity. They’re great places for dog’s to interact and play with other animals. If I could afford it, I would send Lucy every day; because I know she would have a blast.

Dog Parks

I am a huge proponent of dog parks. If I didn’t have a full-time job I would be taking Lucy to the dog park every day. She swims in the lake, and plays with the other dogs. There’s no question to whether or not she’s getting a good work-out.

Have you tried any of these exercises? Tell me your thoughts, by leaving a comment below.



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