Upload A Photo Of YOUR Boston Terrier!

If you have a Boston terrier and would like to introduce him/her to everyone … this is where to do it!

Please send me a photo with a little information about your beloved pup and I will make sure it get’s posted here. 🙂

Colleen Horan
President, Boston Terrier Secrets

Brutus, He Thinks He’s A Great Dane

Photo submtited by: Andrea


In Loving Memory Of Josie

Comment from Khaylon: In memory of Josie she is my lil one all perked up for the picture…

Josie the Boston

In Loving Memory Of Josie

The Lovely Bruiswer and Beatrice

Photos submitted by: Krista

Bruiswer and Beatrice

Bruiswer and Beatrice

Bruiswer and Beatrice

Bruiswer and Beatrice

Bruiswer and Beatrice

Zoey The Boston Terrier As A Baby

Comment from AJ: These are our puppies, we have 4 boston terriers and we love all of them. We adore this breed and will never be without one. This is our Shelby Lynn she just has her babies on July 31, 2010.

Zoe the Boston Terrier


This is Sadie- What a Beautiful Boston!

Comment from Kate: I think she is uncommonly cute!! Her name is Sadie.



Introducing Harley, the Boston Terrier

Comment from Lisa: This is my precious girl, Harley. She is the third Boston I have had and I will never own another breed of dog.



Meet Max and Kissa!

Submitted by: Stacy

Max, Boston Terrier

Max the Rescue!

Kissa Boston Terrier




Rocket- At The Ripe Old Age of 16!

Comment From Sue and Curley: These are pictures of Rocket-  16 yrs old. What a handsome fellow!


Rocket- Age 16!


Rocket Sleeping 🙂

Nigel– Looks Like A Sleepy Puppy!

Comment From Carly: My dog son is Nigel. He is such an adorable BT…see for yourself!

Nigel the Boston terrier


Pepper! What a Cutie … and Almost Big Sister!

Comment From Paula: Hello Fellow Boston Lovers! I have a year old Boston female named Pepper and one male on the way Wilbur.

Pepper the Boston Terrier


Meet Domino, One Of THE Cutest Boston Terriers!

Domino the boston terrier

Domino the Boston terrier puppy

Macy Wants To Know Where Her Present Is!

Macy Smiling

Macy On Christmas Day!